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 Nickolay Dodov Foundation is part of a Nationwide movement to educate youth and all-age winter sports enthusiasts to stay safe in winter environments. Over the last 10 winters an average of 39 people died in avalanches each winter in North America. We believe providing avalanche education will help to safe lives. With your support NDF will be able to reach out with avalanche education. The Nickolay Dodov Foundation is 501c3 nonprofit organization (#46-3764229). All donations are tax deductible and supporters will receive a NDF invoice for their records


Nickolay Dodov Foundation provides avalanche education through presentations, workshops and classes. NDF encourage youth and enthusiasts of all ages to safely explore the beauty of the mountains.

Nickolay Dodov Foundation avalanche Safety Education


In the last five years NICKOLAY DODOV FOUNDATION has reached out with the avalanche awareness program "Know Before You Go" and avalanche workshops to more than 8000 ski and snowboard athletes, middle, high school and university students, coaches, teachers, parents and all age mountain enthusiasts. 

SUMMARY OF WINTER 2018/2019 - 


December 2018 - 

December 1st - One day Avalanche Workshop in Carrillo College/Santa Cruz December 3th  - KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentations to the students of South Tahoe Middle School  

December 15th - KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentations to the students of  Mammoth High School 

January 2019-

January 4th - KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentation to the ski and snowboard teams and public at Squaw Valley January 5th -One day Avalanche Workshop to winter enthusiasts in Bear Valley January 24th - 2 KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentations to the students of Truckee Forest Charter School. 

February 2019 - 

February 24th -KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentation to Yosemite Ski team and public 

March 2019- 

March 15th - 2 KBYG presentations to 7th and 8th grate students at Sonora Elementary School March 16th and 17th Avalanche workshop in Borovets, Bulgaria March 23th - Avalanche Workshop with inbound, soft boundary safety lecture and beacon search practice session to the Bear Valley Ski Teams March 28th - 2 KBYG presentations to the students of South Tahoe High School 

April 2019 - 

April 11th - 3 KBYG Presentations to the students and ski team of George Whittell High School April 20th - 6th Annual Nickolay Dodov Slopestyle in Bear Valley April 27th - Motorizes Avalanche Workshop for the Sled fest in  Bear valley  

May 2019 - 

May 4th - 5 hour Interactive Avalanche Educational Workshop for youth at Heavenly for Heavenly, South Tahoe High School and George Whittell High School ski and snowboard athletes!  May 5th - 5 hour Interactive Avalanche Educational Workshop for youth to Sugar Bowl Academy free ride and race team athletes


Natalia,  I just wanted to reach out and tell you how grateful I am for people like you and Alex!  Your enthusiasm and dedication to the education of our youngsters is unparalleled!  You're literally the nicest people ever.  I thought Michael ran an excellent workshop that really kept kids engaged and willing to learn. I've been a part of many clinics and this was by far the best interaction within the class I've seen. I really look forward to working with your foundation in the future and you can count on returning to Sugar Bowl Academy in the Fall/Winter to further our relationship and the kids educational opportunities with avalanche education!   I can't thank you enough Natalia and Alex !   Sean Carey, Director of Freeride  Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy --------------------------------------------


You are making an incredible impact for our Snow sports world! Thank you so much! Nick is there with you every step of the way! 

Daron Rahlves  Sugar Bowl Ski Team &Academy Board of Trustee--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 We would like to project a big gigantic thank you to the Nickolay Dodov Foundation.   I couldn’t believe it when Natalia reached out to me with her idea of coming to Mammoth to present their program to our student athletes.  From the very beginning their foundation made it so easy to organize the presentation by communicating with our school and providing posters for the event.  There is very little money in the California public school systems to pay for any “extra” programs especially in athletics.  Without the foundation, there would not had been this opportunity for the foundations's all-important life education.  Our students live at 8,000 feet surrounded by mountains up to 14,000 feet.  The natural environment around us, pose a realistic threat to all of us.  The Nickolay Dodov Foundation presented the realistic hazards of our environment.  The kids were completely engaged, intrigued and moved by the presentation and it made a long lasting impact on their actions where the typical teenage behavior is not to think about consequences of their actions.  At this age, they  think they are invisible.   With the huge records amounts of snow we received this winter at Mammoth (we’ll be skiing on it until August and we are still susceptible to avalanches), our community was constantly presented with the fatal possibilities of avalanches.  It is impossible to measure how many lives the Nickolay Dodov Foundation has saved (probably many), but if it made just one person think before exposing themselves to a fatal circumstance, it was so so worth it.   From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU Nickolay Dodov Foundation!  We hope they can return every year.   

Connie Moyer Mammoth High School Ski and Snowboard Team Director CNISSF State Champions 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

The Nickolay Dodov Foundation has brought hours of avalanche education and mountain inspiration to the students at South Tahoe High School in the last four years.  Each year their program touches lives, motivates athletes, and increases awareness in our growing mountain tribe.  Their educators are among the best and cater their lessons and presentations to fit the audience.  It is an honor to work with them in this necessary effort to educate our youth about safe backcountry travel.   

Jillian Raymond History department South Tahoe High School ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

 NDF is doing amazing things for our young snow sport athletes today. When I was younger, I never even considered how many variables there can be in backcountry riding. I knew about avalanches, but had very little knowledge about how to approach any backcountry work, and so I avoided it. I’m grateful to have been able to see the amazing NDF presentation with our ski and snowboard team. It inspired me to buy beacons for myself and my husband. We plan to take an Aiarie 1 course next fall so we can get even more educated on backcountry safety & reading/understanding snow conditions for those fun adventures! Thanks NDF!!!  

Emma Rommo  Snowboard coach Mammoth High School ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Good Morning Natalia and Alex,  On behalf of everyone here, I thank you for making the journey to Yosemite to educate our ski team. As you guys know, it's critical that we build our knowledge of snow science and potential hazards at the same time we are building our skiing/riding skills. Your avalanche presentation gave this team a lot to think about in regards to training, snow safety, and decision-making. It was well-presented, engaging, and perfectly customized for our youngest skiers. Definitely a winter highlight for this group and we look forward to working with you next year! Again, thank you for your dedication and energy and please give our best to Paul.  Happy skiing! 

Kelsey and the Yosemite Ski Team -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

Forest Charter School greatly appreciates the program offered to our school from Nickolay Dodov Foundation in January of 2019. Richard Bothwell, Natalia and Alex created a dynamic presentation which captivated our K-12 students. Through two educational and informative presentations, the students learned about snow safety, decision making, safety gear, slope management and backcountry travel. The students were enthusiastic and supported in asking questions, sharing experiences and learning throughout the day. We will continue to utilize the education provided in our snow safety awareness and student support. We greatly appreciate the opportunity and will continue to seek further collaboration with Nickolay Dodov Foundation in the future.  

Mark Keim 5/6 Grade Teacher Forest Charter School --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

​The Nickolay Dodov Foundation presented to our South Tahoe Middle school ski team in the fall and our students loved it. The foundations avalanche educator Richard broke down the avalanche science extremely well for our students and kept them engaged the entire presentation. the ski team walked away with some practical knowledge of avalanche safety and some cool bonus gear too. We can't wait to have the Nickolay Dodov Foundation back next year to spread the word about backcountry safety to even more students.   

James Seider (Educator at South Tahoe Middle School in South Lake Tahoe)   ------------------------------


The Nikolay Dodov Foundation visited Whittell High School this winter to present their Know Before You Go Workshop to my 8th grade science classes and our Alpine Ski Team athletes. The workshop was incredibly engaging for my students, and they really saw the importance of education and proper skills when travelling in the back country. They loved the video, they loved learning about the snow science of avalanches, and they were very excited about receiving headphones as prizes. Our ski team athletes left the workshop with more awareness about the risks when skiing outside of the resort, and they can't wait for the foundation to return next year and do an on-snow workshop.  I highly recommend the workshop for any ski team or classroom. They do a great job of adapting the workshop for the ages and interests of the students, so all students walk away with more awareness and the desire to keep learning. 

Madeline Cronk Science Teacher and Alpine Ski Team Coach at George Whittell High School ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          

The Foundation was able to come to Sonora Elementary School this past winter and share a hands on dynamic presentation. The student athletes were able to participate in critical discussions, see new material and equipment that was demonstrated by highly skilled and qualified individuals. The presentation is engaging and beautifully designed. The kids are now able to carry the lessons onto the slopes.  

Josette Alomia-Brown Physical Education 4-8th grade Sonora Elementary School


 Nickolay Dodov Foundation rock on! You are saving lives! It is a beautiful thing and I know that Nick is very proud of that remarkable accomplishment!   

Craig Gordon  Utah Avalanche Center  Founder of KBYG Program -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------------You are rocking it! Thanks for all you do!  

Karl Birkelnad  Director of National Avalanche Center  ------------------------------------------------------------ 

-----------------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------------

Amazing people with an amazing mission! I am beyond proud to be a part of the Nickolay Dodov Foundation educators team! You two feel so many people with love and are helping the World to be a better place!  

Duncan Lee   Professional Backcountry Snowmobiler AIARE Avalanche Educator Sierra Avalanche Center Adviser

-----------------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------------

I look forward to the NDF Slopestyle event all year. Not only do I get to send it, but the people participating and hosting the event are the best. There are great friends and great vibes on the mountain. I cannot wait for next years event and also to attend some of the great NDF Avalanche presentations and workshops!     Geo Alber 13 years old - 2x Winner NDF 12 and under

NDF has translated the KBYG program into the Bulgarian language and have been organizing and supporting presentations in Bulgaria. 

With the help of Karl Birkelnad, Director of The National Avalanche Center, and Georgi Georgiev, Mountain Guide from The Free Mountains Associations and NDF Avalanche Educator NDF helped to translate and print the General Avalanche Safety Brochure from the National Avalanche Center into  Bulgarian language and be distributed to the mountain resorts in Bulgaria. 

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