Welcome to the Nickolay Dodov Foundation

Welcome to the Nickolay Dodov Foundation

What We Do

The Nickolay Dodov Foundation is part of a nationwide movement to educate youth and all-age winter sports enthusiasts to stay safe in winter environments. Over the last 10 winters an average of 39 people died in avalanches each winter in North America. We believe providing avalanche education will help to safe lives.


Promoting avalanche education through presentations, workshops and classes. 

To encourage children and enthusiasts of all ages to safely explore the beauty of the mountains.

We Are Spreading the Word!


In the last four years we have reached out with the avalanche awareness program "Know Before You Go" to close to 6000 ski and snowboard athletes, middle, high school and university students, coaches, teachers, parents and all age mountain enthusiasts. 

NDF has started the snow season of 2018/2019 with SEVEN GREAT Avalanche Education events in the months of December and January. 

December 2018 - One day Avalanche Workshop in Santa Cruz, KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentations to the students of South Tahoe Middle School and Mammoth Hight School

January 2019- One day Avalanche Workshop in Bear Valley, KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentation to the  ski and snowboard teams and public at Squaw Valley and two KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentations to the students of Truckee Forest Charter School.

We are scheduling many events for February, March and April. February 24th we are presenting KBYG to Yosemite Ski team. The presentation is OPEN to Pubic! Join us at 1pm in the Snowflake Room for a GREAT learning event! On February 27th NDF will be at South Tahoe High School for our Forth Annual Avalanche Awareness event there! March 6th NDF will have four KBYG presentations at North Tahoe Middle School.

In the snow season of 2017/2018 NDF reached out to more than 1500 ski/snowboard athletes, middle, high school and university students, coaches, teachers and parents with KBYG Avalanche Awareness Presentations.

December 2017- Heavenly ski/snowboard teams

January 2018- Kirkwood Big Mountain ski/snowboard teams and Alpine race teams, Mt Shasta ski/snowboard teams

February 2018- Avery Middle School, Bret Harte High School, two presentations at South Tahoe High School, Bear Valley ski/snowboard teams, two presentation at Squaw Valley to Big mountain ski/snowboard teams and Alpine race teams, Montana State University to the Backcountry Club -with the help and support of the Forest Service National Avalanche Center, Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center and Montana State University Backcountry Club presented KBYG to Montana State University Students. Karl Birkeland /The Director of the Forest Service National Avalanche Center, Doug Chabot /The Director of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center and Jordy Hendrikx /The Director of the Snow and Avalanche Lab at MSU for presented  KBYG on behalf of the Nickolay Dodov Foundation

March 2018-  Bulgaria, mountain hut Skakavica, Free Mountain Association and their mountain guides and avalanche educators Georgi Georgiev, Jordan Smolitchki and Hristo Ivanov presented the Avalanche Awareness Program "Know Before You Go" in behalf of Nickolay Dodov Foundation to the mountain enthusiasts, guides and search and rescue from the mountaineering clubs Nickolay Dodov and Seven Rela Lakes and visitors from Macedonia! Great two day presentation and workshop!

April 2018- NDF had a special snowmobile avalanche safety workshop to our Stanislaus National Forest Rangers with Duncan Lee, who is a special motorizes AIARE avalanche educator. We had our Foundation first two day avalanche workshop at Kirkwood with the AIARE avalanche educator Michael McCarthy! We had Kyle Rasmussen and Daron Rahlves with us to take the workshop and to support the Foundation! It was great to practice search and recovery drills with two Olympians!

NDF has translated the KBYG program into the Bulgarian language and have been organizing and supporting presentations in Bulgaria. 

With the help of Karl Birkelnad, Director of The National Avalanche Center, and Georgi Georgiev, Mountain Guide from The Free Mountains Associations and NDF Avalanche Educator NDF helped to translate and print the General  Avalanche Safety Brochure from the National Avalanche Center into  Bulgarian language and  be distributed to the mountain resorts in Bulgaria. 


Schmidt Award

 NDF has created the Schmidt Award in the name of Marty and Denali Schmidt, father and son who lost their lives in avalanche on K2 in 2013. 

The Award has been given Annually to an induvidual or organization for providing snow safety awareness and avalanche education to the brother snow sports community. This year marking the 5th year since Marty and Denali were taken from us we are giving the Schmidt Award to 5 Avalanche Educators; Karl Birkeland, the Director of the National Avalanche Center, Doug Chabot, the Director of the Gallatin Avalanche Center, Georgi Georgiev, Hristo Ivanov and Yourdan Smolichki, Mountain Guides and Avalanche Educators from Free Mountains Association in Bulgaria.

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