Schmidt Award

NDF has created the Schmidt Award in the name of Marty and Denali Schmidt, father and son who lost their lives in a avalanche on K2 in 2013. Marty and Denali Schmidt created a new route on Denali in 2011. They named this route "Dad and Son". In 2013, Marty and Denali Schmidt went to the summit of Broad Peak, an 8,000 meter climb in Pakistan before attempting to summit K2.

The Award has been given Annually to an individual or organization for providing snow safety awareness and avalanche education to the snow sports community.  

The first Schmidt Award was given in 2014 to the Bear Valley Ski patrols marking one year after Marty and Denali lost their lives in the avalanche on K2. In 2015 NDF awarded the Schmidt Award to Sierra Avalanche Center. In 2016 NDF awarded with the Annual Schmidt Award to our own avalanche educator Paul Henrickson. In 2017 NDF awarded the Schmidt award to Utah Avalanche center. 2018 marked the 5th year since Marty and Denali were taken from us, we therefore NDF awarded the Schmidt Award to five Avalanche Educators; Karl Birkeland, the Director of the National Avalanche Center, Doug Chabot, the Director of the Gallatin Avalanche Center, Georgi Georgiev, Hristo Ivanov and Yourdan Smolichki, mountain guides and avalanche educators from Free Mountains Association in Bulgaria.